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LAX Theme Building will house USO center starting in spring 2018

Los Angeles International Airport’s iconic Theme Building will house a Bob Hope USO center for military members that’s scheduled to open in spring 2018.

The move into the building’s ground level will almost double the size of the current USO center at the airport, according to a December news release. – Los Angeles Times

Community health center funding lapse could force job cuts

Continued inaction by Congress to re-authorize crucial funding for the country’s community health centers could result in the loss of more than 60,000 healthcare jobs, according to a new report.
Modern Healthcare Breaking News

Fresh eyes will judge tool woes at Detroit Medical Center

State regulators and the Detroit Medical Center have agreed to bring in a consultant to ensure that surgical instruments are clean and sterile.
Modern Healthcare Breaking News

Children’s Advocacy Center describes its haven for abused kids

The horrible truth is that child abuse is widespread, manifesting itself in many ways.

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Orlando has put together a video conveying its commitment to helping children heal and thrive, while opening them up so that law enforcement officials can pursue justice in such cases. The CAC is part of Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

The five-minute video uses the theme of children as burgeoning flowers; a young voice talks about how badly some flowers are treated.

The video also has staffers and a sergeant from the county sheriff’s office explain the CAC’s process in providing a haven where kids can feel safe, talk about their situations, and regain the confidence they need in order to recover and blossom. Interior shots convey the facility’s kid-friendly atmosphere.

The approach is poignant and compassionate, without becoming cloying. The video concludes with a sense of hope.

Take a look:

Unknown substance causes evacuation of Florida Planned Parenthood center

Seven employees at a Planned Parenthood center were sent to the hospital Monday morning because of an unknown substance. No patients were on site and 38 people were evacuated.
Modern Healthcare Breaking News

Rex Women’s Center video reminds us that humor is quite personal

Amusing or appalling?

That depends whom you ask.

Marketers at UNC Rex Healthcare in Raleigh, North Carolina, recently posted a two-minute video about the amenities offered to women giving birth at the Rex Women’s Center.

“Our supportive staff, hotel-like environment and educational resources offered before and after baby arrives may cause you to break into a song … and dance!” So reads the YouTube excerpt. 

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The music is based on the children’s rhyme that many of us recall from our own grade school playgrounds as “Miss Lucy Had a Baby” or “Miss Susie Had a Steamboat.”

As I watched the clip, I found myself smiling as the “real nurses and doctors” danced and showed off the stellar facility and care that await growing families. I’m impressed that in six months, the video had nearly 13,000 views.

But wait, there’s more. It’s the comments section that nearly stole my joy. Some people called the segment “disgusting and demeaning,” while others raved it was adorable.

Offensive? I was far from insulted but, again, humor is such a personal thing.

Health care communicators, do you infuse your marketing with humor, or is that a dangerous path that’s just not worth pursuing?

Watch the video, and please comment below:

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Crescent Farm classes center on water conservation at Arboretum

It seems as though the resources for drought gardening are endless. Look for tips online and you’ll see what we mean. But sometimes firsthand experience can be inspiring, and the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden’s new Crescent Farm is a place to immerse yourself in classes where… – Los Angeles Times

Meet Dr. Robin Blackstone – Scottsdale Healthcare Bariatric Center

Robin Blackstone, MD is a leading expert in the medical and surgical treatment of obesity and obesity-related disease, having performed more than 4000 surgical weight-loss surgeries in the…

A Day in a Medical Center with STANLEY HEALTHCARE

STANLEY Healthcare provides over 5000 acute care hospitals and 12000 long-term care organizations with enterprise solutions that transform safety, security…