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This Entrepreneur Started A Travel Company That Might Help You Quit Your Job

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Can Pinterest Help Your Practice?

Did you know that Americans spend three times as much time on social media as they do on email? It’s clear now that social media is more than just a trend. Facebook and Twitter are still the two most popular accounts, and many medical and dental practices already use them to connect with their patients and expand their practice. But there’s a new social media network that’s growing in popularity that doctors and dentists can use as part of their healthcare marketing plan– Pinterest.

Pinterest is the third-most popular social networking site behind Twitter and Facebook. It allows you to bookmark anything from another website – whether it’s a home page, a blog post or an image – as a “pin” so you can share it with friends and other Pinterest users and go back to it for inspiration or information later. Pins can be saved onto different boards so that users stay organized.

Many users on Pinterest have health and wellness boards as part of their account. These health boards with different pins are used to keep information on hand on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle or to store basic information on conditions and diseases (and how to avoid them). Since many Pinterest users are looking for health and dental information to share and store, practices should consider starting a Pinterest account as part of their healthcare marketing strategy.

Here’s how Pinterest can help your healthcare social media needs:

Wider Audience

Since 47.1 million Americans are using Pinterest, starting an account will help gain new followers and potential patients. Plus, Pinterest is a source separate from Twitter and Facebook, so there also would be less user overlap. This will help you reach new referrals and more potential patients and help generate more unique hits to your practice’s website so you can raise your ranking on search engines.

More Multimedia

In order to get your practice Pinterest-ready, it’s important to have high-quality images and videos that you and other users can pin. Pinterest users pin based on a single image; having a high-quality image or video will help garner interest and ensure that a pin from your practice website is shared.

Since Pinterest is image-based, infographics will greatly help your dental or medical practice’s Pinterest account. Not only do infographics use good-quality images, they also have information that can be taken in at a glance – both qualities that are perfect for Pinterest.

Creating new images and infographics will also help expand your medical website design, making it more modern and friendly for social media and SEO.

New Content

Many Pinterest users are looking for health information that they can include in their daily lives and routines. Adding multimedia to your site pin is one way to get your site Pinterest-ready. However, a blog can be just as effective.

Since Pinterest functions as a bookmarking site, users will find your written content on Pinterest and be linked back to your website. This will drive more traffic to your practice’s site, increasing the amount of unique visits to help garner you more referrals and patients.

If you want to learn more about how Pinterest and other social media and social networking sites can help your healthcare Internet marketing plan, contact us at 800.679.1200 or by email at

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Fitness programs help campus rabbis shape up

As an Orthodox Jew, Rabbi Moshe Gray may not need a cross. But CrossFit? That’s another story.
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Visuals help research—and open house—come alive

Video and live-streaming apps such as Periscope are providing renewed energy to standard community events such as open houses and hospital tours.

You may not have the resources that Mayo Clinic does, but look at this video. You can probably incorporate a few ideas when you’re marketing your own facility.

This 6:15 clip showcases the opening of Mayo’s Rehabilitation Medicine Research Center. Dr. Christopher Evans, director of the RHMC, says the project has moved from being a virtual entity to reality with offices, labs and space. 

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The work that’s conducted at the facility— regeneration, recovery and reintegration—lends itself beautifully to video. Visuals include:

  • Prosthetic hand robotics

  • People with cognitive impairments from traumatic brain injuries learning to navigate public transportation with smartphone apps

  • Neural engineering and electrodes to repair damaged tissue, ligaments and cartilage from spinal cord injuries

Evans says the center is a harbinger of comparable advances. Sounds like a great opportunity for live streaming and more video.

(Image via)

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Healthcare Reform: Will I get financial help to pay for health insurance coverage?

Healthcare Reform: Will I get financial help to pay for health insurance coverage?

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13 communication tips to help survive Thanksgiving

I usually write about business communication tips, but since most of us won’t be working on Thanksgiving, we’ll have to communicate with relatives or friends.

It might be easier to go to work.

Here are 13 quick communication tips to help make your day festive and enjoyable. Bookmark this post, as it will come in handy for the entire holiday season.

1. Forget previous holidays, discussions, disagreements, and conversations. Go in with a clean slate and an open mind that you will have a fabulous and relaxing day.

2. Have a drink. I didn’t say get drunk, because things could turn ugly. One drink can help you relax and take the edge off.

3. Remember, not every comment or statement requires an answer. Silence and a smile can be very powerful. In other words, bite your tongue.

4. Use the phrase, “Isn’t that interesting?” If Uncle Grouch starts in at the table with off-color remarks, recite these three magical words. “Isn’t that interesting?” neutralizes virtually every situation. This phrase leads to a verbal dead-end. Then smile politely.

5. Mingle with the kids. This can bring levity to the day.

6. Take a walk. Invite someone special, or the entire group, to take a walk around the corner. The dynamics will shift, the conversations will lighten up, and the fresh air will be rejuvenating.

7. Keep a few friendly and neutral small-talk starters or stories in mind. Be ready to drop one in if things get awkward or tense. 

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8. Pass on being a “topper.” If Uncle Fred is bragging about his week in Florida, let him have his moment. Don’t chime in that you just returned from a free month in Bermuda because you were the No. 1 sales rep.

9. Be nice. Gossip often rules at family gatherings. Steer clear of pettiness. Don’t say anything behind someone’s back that you wouldn’t say to their face.

10. Avoid touchy subjects. There’s a lot of angst out there with unemployment, money, and everyday life. You don’t know everything that goes on in other homes, marriages, or relationships. Focus on positive topics and stay away from turning your feast into a “pity party.”

11. Cite three good qualities of someone who is with you that you dislike. Think of these traits before you join the crowd so you can get rid of “old baggage.” Plan to relax and have a good day.

12. Offer to help. Some of the best conversations I’ve had with family and friends have taken place while we’re clearing dishes, taking out the garbage, or loading the dishwasher.

13. Communicate your gratitude. Regardless of how happy or unhappy you were during your visit, tell your host that you appreciate their efforts and invitation.

A version of this story first appeared on Get In Front Communications.

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Seeking work but lacking experience: Some tips that can help

The economy may be slowly improving, but that doesn’t mean there are jobs aplenty for all who want them. And finding a gig can be especially challenging for those without a lot of experience.
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What is a Subsidy? Getting Help Paying for Insurance | Health Care Reform

What is a Subsidy? Getting Help Paying for Insurance | Health Care Reform

Learn how you might get help paying for your health plan– this is called a ‘subsidy’ and it is paid by the government. You can use the subsidy estimator on …
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