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MDLive sued over patient privacy concerns

MDLive has been hit with a class-action lawsuit accusing the telehealth provider of violating patients’ privacy rights and sharing confidential information with third-party contractors.
Modern Healthcare Breaking News

Ayoo KD on Crying Video, Secret Service Coming to Grandma’s House Over Trump Tweet

Source: – Tuesday, April 11, 2017

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Missouri PDMP fight reignites debate over national program

The ongoing fight to establish a program to track opioid prescribing in Missouri has once again raised discussion on whether the country would be best served by a national monitoring system.
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Trump vows ‘no amnesty’ over illegal immigration ID | FT World

Source: – Thursday, September 01, 2016

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FBI interviews Hillary Clinton over her email use while secretary of State

Hillary Clinton submitted to more than three hours of questioning at FBI headquarters Saturday morning about her “email arrangements” while she served as secretary of State, according to an aide, a sign that the probe is reaching a conclusion.

The interview marks the first time that Clinton — now… – Los Angeles Times

State investigates KentuckyOne hospital over staff layoffs

The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services has begun an investigation of the hospital after several of its physicians claimed that layoffs among nurses and other staff have caused major patient-safety concerns.
Modern Healthcare Breaking News

Feds head to Flint, as Snyder faces RICO lawsuit over tainted water

The tainted floodwaters seem to be rising around Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder.

Snyder has been hit with a federal racketeering lawsuit for his alleged role in the water contamination in Flint.

At a press conference on Wednesday, attorneys outlined allegations against Snyder and several other local and state leaders. Reuters reported:

The class action, filed in U.S. District Court in Flint, charged that Snyder and other officials enacted a “wrongful scheme to solve Flint’s fiscal problem by selling Flint residents poisoned drinking water” in order to balance the city’s financial books.

Attorney Chet Kern pulled no punches. “They created a catastrophe,” he told reporters.

The 17-count racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations (RICO) complaint “requests a jury and seeks compensatory damages for future medical costs, legal fees and treble damages for property damages, loss of business and financial loss.”

Snyder spokesman Ari Adler declined to comment on the litigation. 

[Utilities communicators: Inspire trust in your community with quick and effective crisis management plans.]

The weekend may not hold much respite for Adler, Snyder and others. The New York Times reported Thursday that investigators from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will be in Flint on Saturday:

[They] will hold invitation-only meetings with residents on Saturday to determine how the EPA responded to early requests for help. The interviews will be closed to the media and public. That office is investigating the EPA’s response to the lead-contamination crisis in Flint.

The ‘other water’

News about these latest developments spread quickly on social media. Interestingly, some expressed bewilderment about the unhealthful water in Flint and its juxtaposition with a new seasonal marketing initiative, Pure Michigan.

The state’s $ 33 million Pure Michigan marketing campaign to bolster summer tourism is in its 10th year. Numerous sleek images and sharp videos promote “fresh enchanting rivers, lakes and waters” and invite travelers to hotels and campsites in the state.


A little lead contamination hasn’t stopped David Lorenz, vice president of the state’s tourism department, from offering his own take on the matter. He recently told a reporter from

People seem to be seeing Pure Michigan as separate from the Flint issue and actually, that’s a great indicator of a strong brand. People will give you some slack, they understand that nothing is perfect and they know everything won’t go perfectly well all the time.

Questionable sources?

Lorenz also told reporter Brandon Champion that he and his staff have initiated multiple surveys on the issue. Lorenz said although most people understand the Flint contamination “is a serious issue and real challenge for that community, it doesn’t seem to have much effect on the perception of Michigan on a statewide level,” Champion wrote.

Lorenz went so far as to compare the Flint public health and PR crisis to Coca-Cola’s 1985 “New Coke” branding debacle. All great brands deal with challenges, he said.

Champion’s interview sparked a wave of unflattering comments about Lorenz and the sources and studies he cited:


Folks on Twitter weren’t impressed, either, as tweets about the irony of “fresh water” were interspersed with posts about various investigations against Lorenz’ boss.


What, if anything, could Lorenz and the tourism marketing professionals in Michigan have done to respond to critics of the Pure Michigan campaign? How should the governor’s office be responding? And how might health care professionals address issues of water purity inside and beyond Michigan?

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Tenet in settlement talks over kickback allegations

Tenet Healthcare is in settlement talks with the government over allegations that four of its hospitals paid kickbacks for maternity referrals, the company said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission this past week.
Modern Healthcare Breaking News

iOS Dev: Why Apple TV Is ‘Game Over’ For Xbox One And PS4

UPDATE: A lot of people are interested in this subject, so here’s a column with more of my own thoughts. Even if we’re not at “Game Over” yet, there’s no reason to assume the industry won’t change. Last week, the gaming world had become curious about Apple’s long-awaited next installment Apple […] Most popular stories

Former Trojans coach Pete Carroll run over by field judge in exhibition game

Pete Carroll got a little too close to the action Friday during the Seahawks’ exhibition opener against the Denver Broncos at CenturyLink Field. – Los Angeles Times