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Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard likely will not return until after All-Star break

New York Mets star pitcher Noah Syndergaard has been told not to throw for six weeks, making it likely he won’t return to the mound for New York until after the All-Star break.

Syndergaard partially tore a muscle behind his arm against Washington last weekend, and he spoke Saturday for the first… – Los Angeles Times

5 reasons patients leave and never return

It happens to the best providers: A patient who mysteriously disappears after a check-up, never to grace your office again. Follow-up calls and emails go unanswered. You wonder what sent them away.

Your office may brim with physicians and staff with solid clinical expertise. Their customer-service chops may back it up. However, little things can add up to a big problem with patient satisfaction.

These five situations shed light on the mysterious disappearing patient.

1. They cringe when the receptionist answers the phone.        

Remember that scene from Office Space, in which the lead character must listen to someone answering the phone over and over in the same sickly sweet tone?

Your receptionist may not be like Corporate Accounts Payable Nina, but your robotic script for handling calls could be trouble. A tone of voice that never changes doesn’t welcome new or returning patients.

Yes, there should be consistency and calls should be answered quickly and in the friendliest way possible. Staffers who personalize answering the phone to reflect the mood of the caller are astute communicators. They show empathy, and the patient notices. 

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2. They wish you had fresh magazines.        

The patient who forgot to bring a book is in your waiting room, wading through a stack of five-month old health-industry magazines, wondering why it’s taking so long for her name to be called. Waiting rooms aren’t synonymous with fun. The least providers can do is make things a little less unpleasant. Comfortable furnishings are a wonderful start, but even in this age of smartphones, don’t forget the importance of a little diversion, too.

I remember the night that I endured in the labor and delivery waiting room for five hours. The area was freshly decorated and featured comfortable sofas and chairs. It had no magazines or even quiet music playing. The wait to meet my new nephew was excruciating. And, as far as your patients are concerned, their perception is your reality.

3. Your website is ‘meh.’        

When patients like their care, they recommend your office to others. However, before most of us book an appointment, we like to learn about a practice. That means some Googling. What happens when a prospective patient types in your provider’s name?

If he or she lands on a website that looks like it could use some TLC, it doesn’t make the best impression. Yes, quality of care is paramount, but if your poorly-maintained website doesn’t get patients in the door, it hurts your growth.

A patient’s first experience with you will likely be on-screen. What impression does your website make?

4. They wish you would discuss alternatives.        

Most patients’ first instinct is to listen to doctor’s orders.

Yes, she knows that she should exercise for 30 minutes a day and supplement her cardio routine with strength training. But even with the best intentions, the patient thinks, “There’s just no time for this.”

Instead of ending the appointment with the patient knowing what she’s not going to do, doctors should discuss alternatives.

For instance, if frequent travel makes a dedicated gym schedule unlikely, suggest ideas to help them get closer to the goal. Empower patients to keep working at it.

5. They’re still a little scared about several things.

Whether it’s a routine check-up or an appointment to explore an issue, an element of fear strikes us all.

Dr. Google can take a bit of the blame, but our personal networks are at fault, too. Our friends offer frightening stories; social media feeds are full of bad news.

One solution: Foster a relationship with your patient that allows him or her to voice concerns regardless of how “unscientific” they may seem. Providers and staff must keep in mind that the ordinary and the routine get intensified when you receive health care.

As health care services change and myriad options grow, the details make all the difference in setting up long-term relations with patients.

Emily Tisdale is the founder of Recourse Resource, an Indiana-based health care consulting company. This post was originally published on her company’s blog.

Yanis Varoufakis: ‘We’ve made hope return to Europe’ – YouTube

Source: – Saturday, July 04, 2015
Tags: P2P-Greece Austerity P2P-Interviews P2P-Policy

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