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Rex Women’s Center video reminds us that humor is quite personal

Amusing or appalling?

That depends whom you ask.

Marketers at UNC Rex Healthcare in Raleigh, North Carolina, recently posted a two-minute video about the amenities offered to women giving birth at the Rex Women’s Center.

“Our supportive staff, hotel-like environment and educational resources offered before and after baby arrives may cause you to break into a song … and dance!” So reads the YouTube excerpt. 

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The music is based on the children’s rhyme that many of us recall from our own grade school playgrounds as “Miss Lucy Had a Baby” or “Miss Susie Had a Steamboat.”

As I watched the clip, I found myself smiling as the “real nurses and doctors” danced and showed off the stellar facility and care that await growing families. I’m impressed that in six months, the video had nearly 13,000 views.

But wait, there’s more. It’s the comments section that nearly stole my joy. Some people called the segment “disgusting and demeaning,” while others raved it was adorable.

Offensive? I was far from insulted but, again, humor is such a personal thing.

Health care communicators, do you infuse your marketing with humor, or is that a dangerous path that’s just not worth pursuing?

Watch the video, and please comment below:

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Video: A creative way to showcase real-life dialysis

It’s titled “Dialysis Darlings” and for good reason.

Marketers at the Children’s Dialysis Clinic of Central Texas broadcast a six-part series about the challenges that parents with a child on dialysis will face. The information is distilled into clips running from three to 13 minutes.

  • In Part 1, four moms casually share stories about the birth of their children and how they learned of the nephrology issues.

  • Later in Part 1, four dads talk about the loneliness they experienced when their special needs babies were born.

  • In the final segment, “Snippets with Siblings,” kids of varying ages reveal the questions they have asked while growing up. They also discuss their fears and what the future may hold.

“Dialysis Darlings” was produced to coincide with National Transplant Week. The #sayIdonate hashtag is another educational piece that’s being used on social media.

Take a look at this series. You’ll see that breaking down the information into short clips doesn’t diminish the power of the stories.

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Anti-abortion group releases video snippet after court win

An anti-abortion group released a snippet of video on Friday showing a California company executive discussing fetal tissue for research after a judge ruled the group could show the footage even if it was illegally recorded.
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Video: Saving children from hot car deaths

It’s less than a minute long, but this video about hot car deaths is an eye-opener.

We’re only half-way through the summer, and 10 children in the U.S. have succumbed to the heat after being left alone in vehicles.

Gary Karton of takes to the street and asks people about the “real feel” temperature inside a car.

The outside temperatures are markedly lower than those inside a vehicle, and the numbers are downright frightening. You may want to share this video with your community and remind parents and caregivers to “look before you lock.”

There are numerous resources such as posters, press releases and social media guides available here as well.

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Cardiologist doesn’t miss a beat with mitral valve video

Patient education shouldn’t be equivalent to a sleeping pill.

Here’s a fine example of how to use medical animation and other special effects to educate people about health ailments.

This two-minute video has all the right elements.

Atlanta-based cardiologist Dr. Randy Martin sheds his suit jacket and puts on his tech hat. The segment grabs the viewer’s attention from the beginning. It opens with Martin moving diagrams and text on clear boards as he casually explains mitral valve prolapse. This condition often requires corrective surgery.

With snappy animations, the viewer is able to look at different parts of the heart from the perspective of actually being inside the beating organ. Silly me. I thought walking inside the chambers of a heart at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia on a school trip in 1973 was riveting.

Take a look. You’ll be impressed. And kudos to the production companies that collaborated on the project, Nucleus Medical Media and ShareWIK.

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